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Sound Strategies

“The accessibility and timely expertise provided by the Datagram support team is what made the difference for us; that was our number on reason for selecting Datagram. Couple their support with the extensive set of hosting package choices, wide variety of services and reasonable pricing options, and Datagram continues to prove to be an invaluable partner and an instrumental reason for our ability to grow our client businesses.

Thanks to our enhanced ability to serve our clients, Sound Strategies is expanding. We are so pleased with the quality of service we are receiving that we have chose Datagram to provide additional services necessary to facilitate that expansion.”
Andrew LoCascio, Chief Executive Officer

@Radical Media

“A company’s solutions cannot be rigid because our business is ever-changing; the plan you have for today is not the same plan you will have tomorrow. Datagram is a vendor that doesn’t deal in black and white; thanks to the creativity and technical expertise of their staff, the organization always offers more than one way to solving a problem. In addition to providing optimal Managed Server Hosting, Colocation and Internet Access solutions, Datagram also offered us ample flexibility in their service offerings- a key requirements for @Radical Media’s demanding, ‘just in time’ client needs.

In an age and industry where technology, robots and machinery are king, nothing beats Datagram’s customer service and human element. We buy enough services that we could have gone anywhere, but we are valued here.”
Evan Schechtman, Chief Technology Officer

the CementBloc

“When a transformer exploded right outside our office, it took a marathon effort to get our critical services up and running, and even after that they were down intermittently as we tried to manage off of a sub-standard second site. We vowed this would never happen again – and I have the peace of mind knowing that now that our servers are safely housed at Datagram’s secure facility there is a much greater chance that it never will.”
Boris Tsipenyuk, Systems Administrator

West Orlando News

“Our company’s relationship with Datagram has given me peace of mind. They are literally the best thing that has happened to me since I started working with websites. I sleep better at night knowing I am hosted with Datagram.”
Keith Longmore, Chief Operating Officer

The Awl Networks

“I am really happy with the way my support team at Datagram communicates with me really regularly. They make us feel every bit as important to them as their bigger clients, offering a level of service that is a cut above what other vendors in our experience were willing to offer us considering the size of customer we were when we started hosting with them.”
Choire Sicha, Co-Proprietor


“Since I was already very familiar with Datagram’s top-notch services and support from working with them when I was at Huffington Post, I was thrilled to find out when I joined the team at Gawker that they were already clients! Datagram is a boutique firm that offers us unbeatable colocation services. Also, thanks to them, our office internet connection is so fast that our writers prefer to work there, even when given the choice to work at home!”
Jim Bartus, Director of Tech Operations


“The biggest selling point for me to switch to Datagram was the overall issue of support. In our former cloud support model, we would have to email an engineer, then wait days for a response…and get an answer that was unsatisfying. Our support team at Datagram can literally put their hands on the equipment; they can walk up to the server while still on the phone with us and find and fix any issue right away.”
Keith Seiden, Server Administrator


“Datagram doesn’t make us feel like just another client. Their team takes a personal interest in our social networking business which is why they continue to earn our hosting services.”
Anthony Lopez, Director of Site Operations

Demonware, an Activision Blizzard company

“Datagram’s hands on services have enabled us to remotely set up whole environments to support our online gaming platforms for such award-winning franchises as Guitar Hero and Call of Duty. From procurement to racking and stacking, to installing base level configurations and ongoing monitoring – Datagram does it all efficiently and expertly. They are more than just our hosting providers, they are truly our partners.”
Tony Kelly, COO

charity : water

“Datagram’s in-kind donation of dedicated hosting solutions and Internet services has helped charity : water immensely, bringing our story and making donations possible on the Internet. In 2008, more than $1M will be raised through ”
Scott Harrison, Founder

Investment Advisory Firm

“We rely on Datagram’s Disaster Recovery Services to keep our company thriving, even in the event of blackouts, hurricanes or worse. The Datagram team designed a solution based on our company’s needs, ensuring security for our clients’ critical information as well as our own.”