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Datagram’s highly skilled and versatile support engineers are able to fully manage any hostingenvironment, regardless of size or complexity, and they’re available round the clock – 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our specialty is available in all areas – hardware customization, OS optimization, networkdesign and implementation, database administration, web and application support, scripting and more.

Datagram’s engineers are also always available to provide the following advance support

  • Web/Application Support – We understand that each hosting environment has unique server requirements and support needs, but we also know that most web-based applications rely on industry standard web server applications and infrastructure. So whether you’re hosting a blog, an e-commerce website, an online marketing promotion, a gaming platform or a custom business application, Datagram’s system engineers are always available to provide support and consultation on your customized hosting solution and mission critical applications.
  • Database Administration – Creating a robust, secure and highly available database infrastructure is important for any server-based website or application housing critical data or information. Our team of DBA’s (Database Administrators) can help you build and support your database application for full optimization and availability. Support includes database installation and configuration, database mirroring and monitoring, server clustering, database software patches and upgrades, maintenance and support.

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