Managed Load Balancing


Managed Load Balancing


Datagram offers a wide range of Managed Load Balancing services, comprised of top tier and industry-rated technology, which can be provided right on your Datagram Internet connection or as a dedicated appliance. Based on your business model and needs, Datagram will help you to identify and determine the Load Balancing option that best suits your application.

Datagram’s Managed Load Balancing service supports a range of industry-standard load balancing algorithms, such as Persistence-Based, Load-Based and Weight-Based load balancing. Additionally, like any load balancing solution, if a server experiences a hardware or application error, it will automatically be removed from the load-balanced farm until the server or service is restored, ensuring an optimal and uninterrupted experience for the user.

Service Features

  • Port-Based and Dedicated appliance option
  • Range of Industry-Standard Load Balancing Algorithms
  • Degraded Server Awareness
  • Guaranteed SLA’s

The Persistence based algorithm ensures that when a session is initiated on a participating load balanced server that the session remains on that particular server until the session is closed.

The Load based algorithm will ensure that new connections or requests are sent to the server with the least amount of connections.

The Weight based algorithm allows servers to be weighted differently based on a pre-determined preference, i.e. server configuration, throughput capacity, application design, etc. A pre-determined weight is assigned to each server, determining what proportion of the load a server will bear relative to other servers. If, for example, one server has a weight of 50 and all other servers have a weight of 100, the server with the weight of 50 will receive half the number of connections than any other server.

Datagram has the ability to detect a server in a degraded state by establishing a base line, whereby if a given server exceeds a pre-determined threshold, a server can be defined as ‘degraded’. Datagram can notify on this event as well reduce the amount of traffic being sent to the degraded server, while still allowing it to participate in the load-balancing scheme.

Datagram can monitor different protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, TELNET, PING (ICMP), to name a few. Custom monitoring is available via a health page (provided by the customer), which will provide thorough checks of each server in the load-balanced farm to ensure your site is always functioning at optimum levels.

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