Content Delivery Network | CDN




Improve Your Web Performance and Reduce Server Load

CDN is a content delivery network or content distribution network: a system of computers containing copies of data placed at various nodes of a network.

Datagram offers CDN services that improve your access to cached data by increasing access bandwidth and redundancy and reducing access latency.

Data content types that are cached in CDNs include:

  • Web objects
  • Downloadable objects (media files, software, documents)
  • Applications
  • Livestreaming media
  • Database queries

By caching content with a CDN, the underlying servers are able to handle more end users, since the CDN is handling the delivery of most of the content.

Datagram has developed a strategic relationship with CDN partner Akamai, the leader in CDN services and technology. Akamai invented CDN in the late 1990s, and has continued to perfect the technology since then, currently serving customers such as MLB, NBC, and thousands more.

As an Akamai partner, Datagram can offer much smaller starter packages for smaller sites, as well as custom priced packages for larger sites.

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