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Datagram Introduces AVIO – Audio Video Automation

AVIOTechnology and audio video automation come together as Datagram, a leading hosting and colocation provider, introduces AVIO, a new addition to their client services focusing on commercial and residential audio video automation.  AVIO delivers audio video automation solutions that enable clients to control and monitor diverse technology devices across residential and commercial spaces, while maintaining simplicity and style.

AVIO is wholly owned by Datagram.  The company provides custom-designed automation solutions to connect residential and commercial clients to their technology.   Their offerings enable automated, cohesive control of audio, video, security, lighting, climate, and telephony in a modern network environment.  AVIO ensures full lifecycle support of their solutions including consultation, design, and integration, all backed by comprehensive project management.  Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager through completion.

The automated solutions enabled through AVIO’s network infrastructure allow clients greater control and awareness of their tech equipment with everything controlled through a simple device on one system.  AVIO conference spaces have been completed in corporate buildings, medical offices, private homes, and educational institutions.  Their solutions enable a divergent customer base to experience enhanced efficiency with simple control over technology, eliminating the hassle, cost and expertise required to manage diverse devices on a daily basis.

AVIO is an important value-added solution provider complimentary to Datagram’s entire business portfolio.  Datagram is built on the commitment to keeping its clients easily connected to their customers as well as the world.  Datagram provides peace of mind through services such as Internet connectivity, colocation and managed services.   Expanding on this commitment, AVIO allows customers to easily manage complex, diverse technology across their offices and homes with a single click.

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