Datagram | Company Overview


Management Team


Alexander J. Reppen, Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Datagram, Alexander J. Reppen directs his leadership and experience toward the many aspects of the company’s successful operations, including strategic direction, business operations, finances, and network architecture. Alex is committed to a personal involvement with nearly every project, and is able to to identify solutions to the most complex issues in ways that have earned him great respect from professionals in his industry.

After a progressive career that included executive-level IT positions at several corporations of all sizes, Alex combined a strong entrepreneurial sense with more than two decades of experience in building and managing communications networks and IT infrastructures to found Datagram in 1994. The company has thrived under his management style, which encourages individual strengths and creativity while simultaneously promoting a coordinated team effort that remains keenly focused on business objectives and network services deployment. This unique team structure, along with Alex’s continued passion for network and IT advancements, drives Datagram’s success.

Alex majored in Artificial Intelligence at Clark University in Massachusetts.


Mohammad Soliman, Chief Operating Officer

Mohammad Soliman oversees all aspects of Datagram’s operations, working in tandem with the CEO to design and implement strategic initiatives and policies that continuously improve Datagram’s overall services and procedures. Since joining the management team, Mohammad has held a vital role in building ongoing relationships with Datagram’s customers, business partners, and affiliates. As Head of Operations, Mohammad uses his valuable experience in computing, networking design, and telephony to ensure that every customer receives the highest level of service and support. His in-depth knowledge and experience in datacenter development and management provides Datagram a keen advantage as an owner and operator of datacenter facilities.

Prior to joining Datagram, Mohammad was a highly respected consultant, helping develop and institute IT business solutions for companies of all sizes. His background also includes development in database and web applications.

Mohammad received a B.S. in Computer Science from the City College of New York, graduating cum laude.


Jae Hwan Kim, Chief Technology Officer

Jae Hwan Kim’s more than 15 years of experience in building and managing IT solutions for a wide range of applications allows him to effectively manage Datagram’s technical operations, strategies, and deployments across all levels of the company. One of his most important responsibilities is increasing productivity and network efficiencies by recognizing and deploying new technologies that can be used by both Datagram and its respective clients.

Jae joined Datagram following a successful tenure as Technical Operations Manager for ad agency DVC Worldwide. He also honed his progressive experience through a range of IT positions with technology-focused organizations.

Jae received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from UCLA and an M.S. in Computer Science from NYU.


Kevin Ewanyk, Chief Financial Officer & Director of Human Resources

Kevin Ewanyk joined Datagram to help structure and chart its future at an important phase of its continued growth, and is an integral part of the senior team. He is responsible for assisting the CEO with the overall corporate management, long-term growth and direction of the company, as well as providing guidance on important financial and organizational matters.

In addition to directing the preparation and review of internal and external financial statements and ensuring that all finance and accounting systems run smoothly, Kevin is also responsible for the company’s human resources function, overseeing recruiting, benefits and all other related responsibilities. He also manages the Sales Team.

Kevin brings more than 20 years of senior level experience within a variety of private and public companies in a wide range of industries to contribute to the ongoing success of Datagram. Prior to joining the company, Kevin held senior level finance positions at Prolifics, a Premier IBM Business Partner, the largest end-to-end systems integrator; Accoustiguide, a world leader in audio & multimedia interpretation guides and creative content; IDC Asia Pacific; Waste Management; and American Express.

Kevin received an undergraduate degree from the State University System of New York and an MBA from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. He also completed graduate-level coursework at Cornell University.