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Company Overview


Internet Solutions Made Simple

At Datagram, we spend most of our time thinking about connections. In fact, we built our company on connections.

We have spent a lot of time studying how we connect with our clients…and how our clients connect with their clients.

In today’s world, connections are made online just as often as they are made face-to-face. We’ve developed our services and technology to ensure that making online connections is seamless.

We know how important it is for you to you connect with your clients, so we find, develop, and maintain the best solutions for keeping them connected 24/7. These services include hosting, colocation, data backup and disaster recovery solutions, Internet access, “smart” office design and installation, and more.

That’s why we hear so much about “love”, a word you don’t come across much in our industry. Not many people can say they love their server. Even less people can say that they love their technology providers, but that’s not the case at Datagram. Companies like PAPER MAG, The Huffington Post, and Café Mom regularly tell people how much they love their hosting provider – and we are proud to be that provider.

At Datagram, we know that our service and support is critical to the success of our clients’ websites.

Datagram – We Keep You Connected

The Datagram Mission

Datagram’s mission is to provide scalable, secure and reliable Internet solutions to ensure that customers can seamlessly leverage the Internet to do business. We are committed to the highest level of customer support so that our customers can focus on growing their business while Datagram takes care of the rest.

The Datagram Vision

Datagram’s vision is to create an environment where customers and employees alike can see and feel the benefits of simple, elegant and efficient Internet solutions.